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Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Judgemental people who can't leave well enough alone

You know what I really cannot stand, judgemental and picky people. You all know the type the ones who spend there days finding flaws in everyone else. You get around them and your automatically on edge because if you fuck up your going to hear about it soon enough.

As humans for some reason we find a need to judge, which is enough pressure as is. But then these people come around whether it be a peer, parent, teacher, boss whatever and suddenly your heart rate is through the roof, your stumbling over your words and then your completely screwed. My father happens to be the worst at this. Anything anyone does there is always a flaw. In all complete seriousness I came home with 99% in Advanced Placement english last year and he grounded me for a week because I didn't get the full 100%. But parents are tolerable because they have nothing better to do with their lives than make sure ours are miserable. The peers really get me, because not only do they judge you but give it ten minutes and 3/4 of the entire world knows! For example; my friend makes a joke using the word dyke I laugh and by lunch I'm a homophobic bitch with half the local gay community out to ring my neck. Girls are so bad for this it's not even funny. "She wore black nail polish was listening to Judas Priest AND wore a bandana around her wrist, hot damn she must be emo!" No! It doesn't work that way kiddies there's more to a person than meets the eye not everything is black and white ( she says with the risk of someone calling her a racist bastard).

Why is it so epically impossible for people to just leave others alone. People should be able to live however they choose, and if that means not liking alot of screaming but still liking metal, laughing at jokes, and wearing a bandana around their wrist, then so mother fucking be it!

Peace, TashCrash

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hold Your Alc, Goddamit

Little girls have really ruined alcohol for me. I'm tired of seeing and tending for stupid little girls (and boys) who can't drink within their limits and certainly can't hold their alcohol.

If you can't keep it down why the hell would you think you're able to drink it in the first place? At least when I go drink with people, which I rarely do anymore, I don't go puking my ass out. Just smarten up and don't drink you goddamn pussy kids.

If anything you should go buy yourselves a sum of weed, roll some doobies, pass around a pipe, and chill out. It's so much better then little kids passed out on the road in piss and puke.

So we've covered that, good. Now let's cover the part about what not to do when you need to care for drunk friends.

I don't care how drunk you are, when one of your friends are puking, don't try and hit up on some ugly piece of crap. It's really not a cool thing to do, especially when your 'sister' is suffering. All you had to do was buy a bottle of water and take her to your house for a bit. Nothing hard to ask for at all. So why couldn't you do it?

No wonder your parties suck..

Now remember, please for the love of god don't be a stupid hyper drunk sliding down hills and such. Although funny at first because you're a dumbass, it's really goddamn annoying. Especially don't slide into people skateboarding, injury is involved.

Don't be a dumbass when you drink or leave me the hell alone, and drink responsibly!

- SkateFiend

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fakes and such

Alright guys so I know its been bloody forever since SkateFiend or myself have taken time to rant. But hey we've both been busy and we're back now and that's what count right?

Anyways so something that has really been pissing me off lately is fakes. I mean granted everyone puts on a fake smile here and there but really people who are nice to your face and then turn around and say shit behind you back, all I have to say is get the fuck out man! Are you all so bored with your little insignificant lives that you feel the need to ruin someone else's? And I'm going to level with you all, I'm not the most like able person out there, because I'm honest and blunt. People now-a-days don't like to rock the boat and say what's really on there minds, at least not to other's faces. I will rock the boat if I have to, if I don't like you I'm not going to pretend to be good friends with you, its just that simple. Now guys generally do not do this they're more like me and will plainly say, "Dude you piss me off, get the fuck out" and its done! Girls however that is just not allowed. I swear there is some manual hidden somewhere that plainly states that the mass majority of girls can't be honest that deception is the key to success. My favourite though has to be when they fuck up and the person that they're talking about is right behind them and they try and cover it up with "No No! You don't understand I meant the other Ayra Zellingernd!" because I'm sure they're is tonnes of people in the world with that exact name, let alone in the same school right? Then just when you think the drama is all over and everyone can go back to living their lives like before, they find something else to fight about.

So my solution to all of this is only people with brains are allowed to talk, people who are fake are dropped on a tiny island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle never to be seen again, and people just start being honest! It's not that hard if you really think about it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bux-Me Update

There has been up a major update on Bux-Me!

Go check it out at SF Money Blog!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bux-Me PTC Site

If you've been following my other blog, SF Money Talk, then you would have heard me mention the construction of a new PTC site. Well it's all done and launched, so here's the post I just put up in SFMT, for you all to see.

Bux-Me is a 100% reliable PTC site, owned and managed by one of my friends and PTC mentor.

Right now, it is low paying with an even lower payout, and decent amount of ads. It severely needs members, so that it can increase it's prices again really soon!

This, in my honest opinion, could be another revolutionizing PTC site.
All ad views are 10-22 seconds, you earn 10% more money on your first payout!
And you earn 20% of your referral's earnings!

You can also click for points and use them to buy things, like raffle tickets (yes, there's even a raffle).

Did I mention that there's SUPER cheap prices for advertising right now? You can seriously buy 1000 site hits a couple bucks.
Just trust me, everything about this PTC site is AWESOME!

To miss this opportunity would be kicking yourself in the ass.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hicks and Cars = Anger

Yes this isn't the rant I'm supposed to post, but I'm lazy so what can you do.

But get a load of this.

Tonight I took the long way home 'cause I was thinking about shit (about how I want to kick the shit out of someone, ironically.)
So I was just walking, holding my board, and some hick drives up in a piece of shit car.
Now at the end of the road I was taking, there's a little dirt side that is the start of a 'short cut' (even though it's the exact same distance) that you can use to turn around your car.
Now as they're driving by, the hick passenger calls me a fagget. Whatever right? I can deal with that, sure it pisses me off but it's a stupid hick, what does he know?
Now these tards have to take it over the edge, of course, so the drive to the end of the road, turn around, so the passenger can call me a bitch.
After that, they just kept on going to the place they originally came from. All that trouble to just call me a fagget and a bitch.

Now here's the thing.
1) You're a hick, living in a hick town.
2) You drive a piece of shit car, typical for a hick teenager.
3) You call me a fagget, yet you are the fagget hick driving a piece of shit car, who has nothing better to do with his time, and is obviously a loser.
4) You call me a bitch, yet you are the little bitches driving a piece of shit car, without stopping, shouting out a window, to impress your hick buddies.

Congratulations, you're a real winner pal, a damn straight (LOL RIGHT) representative of the city.. -cough- hicktown -cough- live in.

Atleast come out and shake hands with the trucks on my skateboard. Don't like my skateboard? My fist is just as good.
And I was so excited, I thought a bunch of stupid hicks were gonna try and jump me. But no, the pussies kept driving.

Too bad, I haven't played baseball if forever...

AND YES, I will eventually finish the other rant, that will be much better then this.